Compliance Management Software

Corporate Commitment

EVA Platform

EVA is a platform focused on compliance, offering regulatory management for the centralized handling of data, documents, and evidence of accomplishments. This enables effective, real-time decision-making.

EVA identifies, alerts, monitors, and reports risks arising from non-compliance with laws, regulations, codes of conduct, and standards of good practice.

Why choose us?

Manages all legal, environmental, social, community, safety, occupational health, corporate, and business commitments.

Efficiently monitors compliance with business regulations.

Keeps you updated on the latest regulations.

Minimizes and controls environmental and community impacts.

Modular Software

Regulation Management

Updates regulations in real time for every business process to ensure compliance.

Strategic Permits Planning

Identifies and georeferences processes and business permits in every operation.

Verification Plans

Ensures governance and reduces risk through compliance planning.

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